Welcome to MemeStudies.Org

Meme Studies is a suite of tools for communities of researchers, students, and educators who are researching, learning, and teaching meme studies. Our aim is to provide the numerous research networks with a single hub through which they can interface and pool knowledge, and to promote the grassroots development of new research networks within unfilled niches. We seek to bridge the gap between academic research and community-led research.

Meme Studies Forum

A mailing group and web forum for meme researchers. The aim of the forum is to facilitate connection across independent but isolated research networks. The forum is currently in beta!

Meme Studies Courses

A series of courses and learning materials hosted via Moodle, available to both students and educators. A six-lecture pilot, MEME121 – Introduction to Ironic Memes, is currently being produced.

Meme Studies Library

A comprehensive reference library for meme studies literature, with user submitted entries and reading lists. The library currently holds more than 600 references, and is being expanded with the aim of developing seed materials for new and emerging research clusters within meme studies. It uses Zotero and Omeka S. Check out the introductory reading list.

Meme Studies Archive

A digital exhibition and archival tool for curating, annotating, and displaying memes. The archive uses Mukurtu, a digital heritage CMS. The finished exhibits are citable and customisable, and can stand alone as a collection or supplement other research.